Green Day Products - Vermi Compost

Vermiwash is liquid plant growth regulator which contains high amount of enzymes, vitamins and harmones like auxins, gibberellins etc.. along with macro & micro nutrions. Spray it and watch your plants bloom like never before.

  • Enriched Vermi Wash is a Liquid Plant Growth Regulator which contains high amount of Enzymes, Vitamins and hormones like Auxins, Gibberellins etc. along with Macro & Micro nutrients.
  • Enriched Vermi Wash is a Liquid foliar spray recommended for all field crops, Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers.
  • Enriched Vermi Wash acts as a Plant Tonic and helps to reduce many Plant Diseases
  • A mixture of Vermi Wash (1Ltr.) with cow urine (1Ltr.) in 10 Litres of Water acts as Bio-Pesticides and Liquid Manure.

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